Essential oil must have #4

It was at least 3 years back when I first experienced vertigo or maybe a severe case of dizziness. The room felt like it was spinning, I was beginning to feel nauseous, and I could not even trust my stumpy, wobbly legs.

Everything felt out of control until Jayne gave me a pale green colored sachet that read “YOUNG LIVING” and “PEPPERMINT”. When I tore open the foil, it felt like I had unleashed a wave of genie that had been marinated in mint leaves, and now its job was to cast away the curse put on me. It worked nearly immediately, and I was very surprised. Even Jayne saw the change in me!

Today, I am a believer and user of essential oils, and have also continued to share what I know with others. I am not an expert so please refer to any literature the manufacturer provides, and any other information you can find, especially if using on young children under age 6. From my understanding, some oils like Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and certain chemotypes of Rosemary contain high amounts of menthol or 1,8-cineole which can cause slowed respiration in some children. Even Eucalyptus oil is to be avoided around children under age 10.

Some Uses of Peppermint Oil 

Respiratory infections, Fungal infections, Digestive Problems, Headaches, Nausea, Back problems

More information on How to Use  

And if you need one in your home kit, feel free to contact me


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