Essential oil must have #2


One of my favorite oils when it comes to combatting a decadent meal that had been either steeped in rich, creamy sauces or pan fried in lard, duck fat or both! sinful as it sounds, my theory has always been to “clear out” or neutralize the fats with a glass of red wine, and all is on (digestive) tract… alright, tacky pun.

These days, I have cut back on alcohol and limiting them to festive occasions or once-in-a-blue moon dinner with friends (not that I was drinking frequently to begin with – and not appearing defensive too :)) – Grapefruit oil is an excellent must-have after a rich meal. I’d drip 2-3 drops under the tongue and flush it down with at least half a glass of water as it can be rather potent. Another option is to mix it into a glass of water. I am lazy, and prefer to drip it under the tongue (and sometimes suffer a ‘burning’ sensation) just to save time.

Of late, I am trying to see if it helps with reducing the appearance of cellulite in the back of my thighs but truth be told – I only applied it once. And when I was much younger and arrogant due to my tiny frame, I’d boast after eating rich foods that I was building “quality cellulite” but today – I eat the humble pie, and say that one should try to eat in moderation. *sniff

Grapefruit oil which is rich in limonene has been extensively studied in over 50 clinical studies for its ability to combat tumor growth. Using a cold pressed extraction method from its rind, this oil has been known to help in detoxifying, fat dissolving, metabolic stimulant, diuretic, cleansing for kidneys, lymphatic and vascular system.

Some other uses: 

Depression, obesity, liver disorders, anxiety, cellulite, Alzheimer’s

According to Dr Axe, Grapefruit is his #1 oil to lose weight!

More information on How to Use

And if you need one in your Home kit, feel free to contact me


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