F&B Buffet Perks in SG – April 2018

As a Singaporean, I am blessed with many food choices and the decision of what to eat is based on 1) if there is company 2) my mood, and lastly 3) the weather – exactly in this order. And no, I do not quite think I have an OCD.

When I am delegated the task of arranging a venue for get-togethers, buffets tend to spring to mind because of convenience of time (where everyone scoots off to pile their plates), billing is simpler, and the venue is generally located within a hotel although it may be an independent restaurant.

To further save time and effort, I will use “Chope” which is a useful site and if you are not behind the laptop, their application is just as handy and you can earn “Chope-Dollars” too! Just make sure to check with the merchant regarding the promotion because as with most fine print, they dictate the perks 😉 However, I have not bothered to check with the merchant so far because I simply relied on Chope.

Here’s a quick PERK for the month of April 2018 from Chope

Hope it is useful, and feel free to share your feedback 🙂 pexels-photo-262978.jpeg


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