Discounts #coffee – Cross Partnership

I am a coffee addict. I need to kick the habit.

I tried, and –

I am failing.

Let’s look at the prices of coffee in the cafe scene. It is increasing, even if it is a mere 50 cents. A Tall-sized Flat White from Starbucks is S$7 and an average price of a cuppa in other cafes hover around S$5. At a cost price of say around S$0.60 – 1.00 per cup (+/-), it is no wonder we see many cafes peddling similar brands of roasters and I wonder if we would ever reach a point of saturation (perhaps we already have!)

My suspicion is that unless the bigger brands like Starbucks or TBCL here have either Asian or local coffee suppliers, costs of operation will be sky high especially if the Master franchisor stipulates that the outlets are to use only specific-type beans from their Master Franchisor; worse still if the beans are flown directly from UK. I dread to imagine the weight of each bag of beans multiplied by the number of outlets, and having to compete against other coffee joints. In which case, the cost per cup is definitely much higher. I enjoy Costa’s Flat White over Starbuck’s because it has a slightly stronger aroma and the taste of coffee packs more punch (especially on days when I need it). And I would be sad if they (ever) close their shutters here. In which case, the smaller cafes have interesting coffee brewers that you should nose your way into 😉 especially around Amoy street.

Meantime, back to serious beansness. Here are some PERKS if you’re a coffee addict (Membership sign-up required, read “Membership Offers” below):

For only S$1, you get a cup of Spinelli’s coffee: choice of black, espresso, cappuccino or latte. Of course, do not expect a Barista to helm the counter. It is dispensed from a Simonelli coffee machine and milk is fresh (regular fresh milk). Size of cup is decent, and beans are House blend from Spinelli.

Aside, if you enjoy New Zealand Natural ice-cream, Taste now carries them and with a discount 🙂 Instead of $4.90 (single scoop), it’s $4 and $7 (double scoop) instead of $8. Pints are on discount too.

Other Perks you will enjoy from their partners and which will not leave you disappointed: Momor Izakaya, Sens, and Otto Delis.

Where: Taste Singapore (it is a gastronomic grocer located in the basement of Raffles Medical, Holland Village)

How to sign up for the Membership:

Membership Offers

Guest ( No physical card Required)
5% discount in store
does NOT include in-store promotions
No Cash back
Free memberships
Enjoy Membership coffee of Spinelli at S$1 in Taste Singapore


10% discount in store
including in-store promotions
Plus cash back 3%
Paid customers – $55 for 5 years
Enjoy Membership coffee of Spinelli at S$1 in Taste Singapore


15% discount in store
Including in-store promotions
Plus cash back 5%
*Upgraded FREE if spending per annum up to $6000 per year
Enjoy Membership coffee of Spinelli at S$1 in Taste Singapore

NOTE: I am not sure how their “cash back” system works so do check with them.


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