F&B in Singapore

Food & Beverage. 

In Singapore, we are blessed to find a plethora of cuisines today. Including our Chinatown which sees an increased number of Chinese nationals working in the front line service. And to much of the service staff’s annoyance at my poorly spoken Mandarin, and not shy at hiding their distaste for my wasting their time to enunciate each word – I must thank them for involuntarily forcing me to practice speaking it! Too bad (for them). But I must give them (Dong Bei Ren Jia) credit when due because during my last visit, they smiled with patience and remarked that many Singaporeans do not speak fluent Mandarin – and they are used to it. I suppose time is always the key to building understanding across different cultures.

As with fashion trends, the food scene is no different. In year 2017, gluten-free seemed to be one of several popular items alongside Acai bowls. So what is next for 2018? I think that eating green might probably be the next in-thing; usually fads in Singapore seem to be influenced by the dining scene in the States (my suspicion) as is the wine industry. Another case-in-point is Organic wines 😉

My hunch is that if you take Acai bowls as a growing trend because of the benefits it claims (high in antioxidant), eating healthy / super foods may pick up quickly especially now that we seem to be provoked by images of eating healthy and right, campaign awareness promoting Diabetes (with road shows testing your understanding of the disease) as well as fitness centres offering packages. All seems to be pointing in the right direction, don’t you think? Eat well, stay well. Having said, I still enjoy ice-cream, Valrhona chocolate cake, Gin & Tonic, and so much more “real foods”… let’s leave it as my form of balance 😉

Another trend I’d see picking up, is our younger generation venturing into the local hawkers’ scene *applause for them. It may not seem as glamorous as setting up a chic restaurant in a high-end hotel but the work I am sure is just as labor-intensive; toiling from (before) dawn to near midnight, standing on their weary feet with backs stooped over fiery hot stoves… is definitely something I cannot do on a daily basis.

Although this site is birthed with the purpose of sharing perks / discounts – let us always continue to support our local hawkers, and be appreciative of the people who help clear our tables.


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